Raymond Northcott and Games By Ray Make Podcast Debut

Hey everyone. I wanted to take a minute to share some exciting news! At the end of July i did an interview with Chris Renshall of TGIK Games and one of the hosts of the Cardboard Architects podcast. I’ve mentioned this podcast in the past and was extremely excited that they would agree to an interview. That interview went live this morning and while it was a little nerve wracking, it was still a ton of fun to do. Chris is a great guy to talk with and made me feel welcome from the very start. Also, his editing skills are greatly appreciated and made it sound like I almost knew what I was doing :).

If you haven’t checked them out, I would strongly suggest you do as both Chris and his co-host Joe Brogno have some incredible insights into game design, and the world of design in general. If you don’t want to take the time to listen to all of the episodes, they did a recap of their first 49 episodes (not including interviews and other special episodes) in their most recent episode that will give you a list of episodes that would be a good idea to check out.

One of my favourite episodes is their episode on the design tools that they use when designing. This was especially helpful to me as a new designer, as it gave me access to a bunch of resources that I likely wouldn’t have discovered or used.

I would love to hear what you thought of the interview or anything else I’ve blogged about here. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

That is everything for this post. Until next time, happy designing

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