The Artwork of The Hackers Guild Part 1: Getting to Know Jonathan McEnroe

After completing the series about the history of The Hackers Guild from the design point of view, I thought it would be fun to give you some insight into the development of the awesome artwork that has been created for The Hackers Guild. Today’s entry is part 1 of this new series and is a little more about Jonathan McEnroe, the artist behind The Hackers Guild.

I asked Jonathan to write up a little about himself and why he decided to get involved with The Hackers Guild. I hope you enjoy what he had to say.

Hey everyone!

My name is Jonathan McEnroe, digital artist and game developer from Glasgow, Scotland.

I was hired by Raymond Northcott to produce the product, and Kickstarter campaign artwork for the Hackers Guild back in 2016. This was my first tabletop project and I was incredibly excited to take on something fresh that would present a new set of challenges.

Once I received the concept for the game, I started figuring out the tone of the visuals and thought it’d be interesting to go in a darker direction to go along with the themes that Raymond was exploring in the story. The characters were broken, directly affected by the antagonist, and have banded together to stop them. It was a lot of fun bringing the different visual elements together, and this fed directly into the look of the Kickstarter campaign artwork.

It was an incredibly fun experience and I was both excited, and nervous for the Kickstarter campaign as I’d never been a part of something like this before. We were very close to reaching our goal, however it wasn’t meant to be in the end, however this didn’t dampen our spirits and provided us with a lot of valuable feedback to digest. I’m incredibly excited to say that we’ve continued to work on the Hackers Guild since the Kickstarter campaign. Raymond and I have taken on board the feedback we’ve received and developing the Hackers Guild much further.

I’m very excited to share more updates over the coming weeks, and I hope you enjoy the direction we’re taking the latest iteration of the game, from the characters to the world of The Hackers Guild.

See you in the next blog!

Thanks again Jonathan for this post, as well as for all of the hard work you’ve put in making The Hackers Guild as appealing as it is. I’ve provided Jonathan with access to the comments so if you have any questions or comments for Jonathan, he would love to hear from you. Until next time, happy designing.

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