Games By Ray News and Development Update

Welcome back! Hope that you had a productive week, with some gaming as well.

I didn’t really have a topic chosen for this week’s blog post, and it has been a little while since I had given an update on everything that is happening, so I figured that is what I would do this week.

Games By Ray LLC will be filing a doing business as document to change its operating name to Northcott Games

As part of becoming one of Daniel Zaya’s trusted partners, I was introduced to Skye Carlisle. One of the services Skye offers is the creation of a branding package. Since I hadn’t had any branding work done for Games By Ray LLC, I decided to hire Skye. As part of the branding process, I’ve decided to change the operating name of Games By Ray LLC to Northcott Games.

Development update for The Hackers Guild

Development of The Hackers Guild moves along and is at a point where I’m going to playtest the current set of rules at least 20 times at each difficulty before making any additional changes. Once all of those tests have been completed, any additional feedback that has been received will be evaluated and additional changes are possible, but I feel so far like the game is where it needs to be. If no additional changes are made I will put the current ruleset through another round of blind playtesting, and barring any problems from that, will then proceed into previews and campaign preparation.

Updated art for The Hackers Guild is in the works as well. Once there is something to share, I will be doing so. I am also in the process of writing some hacker biographies to add some additional details to the story behind The Hackers Guild.

Development update for No One Wants Your Celery

I’m fairly happy with where the development of No One Wants Your Celery is at. The most recent changes were made as a result of feedback from playtesting at Protospiel-MN this past January. I will be looking to do additional playtesting and expect some additional changes to be necessary. I have also started looking for an artist so I have something to show off with posts about the game.

Well, that is everything for this week. If you have any suggestions on topics you would like to see covered, please let me know. Until next time, happy designing.

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