The Lore of The Hackers Guild Part 3: Introducing Ghost’s Best Friend Fernando Lopez aka R4in

Welcome back! I hope you had a great week filled with lots of board games and time with family and friends.

This week we will be continuing the Lore of The Hackers Guild blog series with the introduction of another hacker persona, Gh0st’s best friend and co-founder of The Hackers Guild Fernando Lopez aka R4in.

Hacker profile

Real Name: Fernando Lopez
Hacker Handle: R4in
Date of Birth: Thursday, January 12th, 2092
Home Town: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hacker bio

R4in spent most of his childhood living on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, thinking that his parents had abandoned him as a small child. He later discovers that they had been killed for testifying against the Portuguese mafia, and in order to protect him, he was kept out of the system.

Soon after this discovery, R4in learns that his parent’s efforts to protect him weren’t completely successful and that the mafia was after him. He manages to escape to Boston, earns a degree in network security, and launches a successful network and internet security firm.

R4in first met Ghost in 2110 in Sydney on a business trip and agrees to help her discover the truth about her parent’s death. They form the Hackers Guild in 2116 in an effort to help others in similar situations, and to help rid the world of corporate greed.

Well, that is everything for this week. Stay tuned for more hacker persona bios, as well as a corporate history for Monolith Global Inc. Until next time, happy designing.

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